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Chick Chick Boom is a strategy game that arrived in the Wii Shop Channel for WiiWare in late 2010, along with its Demo version in early 2011. There are 15 teams of chicks, ten of which can be unlocked. Chick Chick Boom's full version costs 800 Wii Points, and its retro version is browser-based and free.

Tons of Bits by Tons of BitsEdit

Chick Chick Boom was created by Tons of Bits and the aim of the game is to use weapons (including Bombs, Plants, Weights, and Special Attacks) to battle another side of chicks until one side is completely gone. "The city has a UFO that beams up chicks, the ship features an Octopus that swats at your chicks, and the haunted woods has sneaky little Ghosts that mess you up in a variety of ways such as eating the Lines that you draw." There is also a review.

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